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5 steps to optimize your online shop’s performance

parAnnabelle Mac 667 3 Années auparavant
A revamped module page to better manage your modules on a daily basis. We introduced tabs, to let you easily navigate...

How to stay calm when your business is booming

par Joseph Stone 577 3 Années auparavant
Named “Classic”, this new template brings a fresh look to your store and allows you to start selling in no time....

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574 3 Années auparavant
A brand new way to add products to your catalogue! Refreshed interface, quick actions, shortcuts, automatic...

How to optimize product page content to boost sales

parSteve Max 578 3 Années auparavant
The back office has been refreshed, with an improved UI/UX experience making it easier to browse. We’ve also rethink...



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